eSports Betting: China Dota2 Pro Cup Season 2 Qualifier

We will take a look at three China Dota2 Pro Cup Season 2: Qualifier quarterfinals fixtures that will happen Monday. The qualifiers will feature six Chinese Dota2 squads vying for the last ticket for the main event, which will have ¥600,000 CNY (≃ $89,787 USD) in the prize pool. Let’s take a closer look at the upcoming games so you can place your bets against their eSports odds.

China Dota2 Pro Cup Season 2: Qualifier Matches Analysis

Sparking Arrow Gaming Vs Aster.Aries

Sparking Arrow Gaming have met with Aster.Aries five times this year and won all five series with a perfect score, which includes two clean sweeps (2-0) in October during the CDA-FDC Pro Championship qualifiers. Even though Sparking Arrow Gaming are not nearly as strong as they were at the start of the year when they won the BEYOND EPIC: China, nor entering this match in good form (2-8), they’re still set to face an academy team comprised of semi-amateur players.

Aster.Aries are 3-3-4 in their last eight games, which is not particularly bad. However, they have faced much weaker sides compared to what SAG had to play against during their recent competitive endeavors. We don’t expect any surprises and will gladly side with Sparking Arrow Gaming to defeat Aster.Aries 2-0 for the sixth time this year.

Prediction: Sparking Arrow Gaming -1.5 maps

IG.Vitality Vs Team MagMa

Team MagMa and iG.VItality have clashed only twice before and split the two meetings. The first series belonged to iG.Vitality (2-0), but it was MagMa who got their revenge (2-1) at the end of October during the Moon Studio Mid-Autumn.

Comparing the two teams, it’s hard to say which is in a better position to win. IG.Vitality had their flashes of greatness a couple of months ago, whereas MagMa have yet to achieve anything remarkable. They were, for the most part, facing some of the strongest teams in the region despite being formed just two months ago.

Since Team MagMa got a chance to hone their skills against tougher opponents, they should be priced as the favorites, but this does not guarantee success. IG.Vitality field a few solid players, and while we don’t expect to see an upset win, this match has the potential to be very close.

Prediction: Over 2.5 maps

Team Sirius Vs CDEC Gaming

If we were looking at this match a couple of months ago, there would be no question about siding with CDEC Gaming, but as it stands now, it’s Team Sirius that seems like a more appealing option. That is not necessarily because Sirius have improved but rather because CDEC worsened.

CDEC were once one of the strongest Chinese Dota2 teams and even had some success earlier in July when they won the OGA Dota PIT S2: China, but now, CDEC looks more like a B-Tier team. That is mostly because they have lost four of their key players in September, which left the team in shambles and unable to form a competitive roster.

After a short break from competing, CDEC reappeared at the CDA-FDC Professional Championship Qualifier in October when they mustered up a humiliating fifth-sixth place finish after they suffered a 2-1 loss to Aster-Aries. Towards the end of the month, CDEC took a swing at Perfect World Dota2 League Division B – Open Qualifier but again failed to deliver and lost to a semi-amateur team DeMonster (2-1) in the final round of the lower bracket.

That is not to say Sirius have achieved any remarkable success recently, but they have at least made it to the final stage of the CDA-FDC Professional Championship Qualifier and have also already beaten CDEC (2-1) about three weeks ago.

Prediction: Team Sirius to win

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