Top Rainbow Six Siege Matches Betting Analysis: 2021 Sweden Six Major

MyBookie brings you free Rainbow Six Siege betting picks and predictions for a pair of Six Sweden Major 2021 bouts. Here are our betting picks for Team Vitality vs DarkZero Esports and FaZe Clan vs Oxygen Esports, who will cross paths on Monday, November 8.

Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege matches with all the information you’ll need to place bets on eSports Betting Odds.

Top R6S Games to Wager on Monday, November 8

Team Vitality vs DarkZero Esports

  • When: Monday, November 8 – 10:00 CEST

Team Vitality and DarkZero Esports will clash on Monday, November 8, in the first round of Group B at Six Sweden Major 2021. Team Vitality enter the match billed as the favorites, which makes a lot of sense, even though they have yet to meet with DarkZero.

The Bees have made it to the Sweden Major as one of Europe’s top teams, and while they haven’t won any of the three European League stages, Vitality have done well enough to earn our respect.

They have placed seventh in the first stage, fifth in the second stage, third in the third stage, and ended the season in fifth place, with a solid 10-6-2-9 record and 44 points. That sat them tied with G2 Esports in fourth, only three points short of the third-placed Natus Vincere.

Similarly, DarkZero Esports have done well for themselves, albeit they have achieved less than their European counterparts. DarkZero placed sixth in the first NA stage and fourth in the second and third stage.

However, DarkZero have also attended the Six Invitational 2021 and Six Mexico Major, where they finished 13th-16th and fifth-eighth, respectively. Again, it’s not exactly groundbreaking results, but it’s worth noting that DarkZero were eliminated from the Six Mexico Major by the eventual champions, Team oNe.

Admittedly, DarkZero haven’t achieved much in the year; however, they have improved drastically with the addition of the two-time Six Invitational champion, Troy “Canadian” Jaroslawski. The 25-year-old has joined the team in September and played a crucial role in DarkZero’s resurgence in recent weeks.

DarkZero are by no means one of the top contenders to win the Sweden Major, but neither are Vitality, who haven’t been looking too sharp of late.

Prediction: DarkZero Esports to win

FaZe Clan vs Oxygen Esports

  • When: Monday, November 8 – 11:30 CEST

FaZe Clan are expected to defeat Oxygen Esports, which sounds right, even though there isn’t a lot to separate FaZe and Oxygen talent-wise.

FaZe Clan have had mixed results over the 2021 season; however, they have done enough. FaZe won the first stage of Brasileirão in April and have since placed second in Brasileirão 2021 – Stage 2 and Stage 3.

Adding to that, FaZe placed top-six at the Six Invitational 2021, where their only two losses came against the two finalists in Team Liquid (1-2) and the eventual champions, Ninjas in Pyjamas (0-2).

Thanks to their success, FaZe ended the season as the second-best Brazilian R6S team, with an imposing 16-4-3-4 record.

Oxygen Esports have achieved plenty of success domestically as well. They won NAL – 2021 Season – Stage 1 in April with a 4-2-1-1 record and finished top-six at the Six Invitational 2021, losing against TSM (0-2).

Towards the end of the season, Oxygen cooled down and managed only a sixth-place finish in NAL – 2021 Season – Stage 2, but found their stride for the last stage, where they placed second with 6-0-0-2.

FaZe, and Oxygen are two of the strongest teams in this group and two of the most likely to make it out alive – assuming Chiefs and Rogue won’t overperform. And while they’re almost guaranteed a promotion, losing this bout could have serious consequences.

We expect a closely-fought match and likely one of the most exciting games of the day. However, there has to be a winner, and if we had to pick a side, we would go with FaZe.

Their achievements over the season are by no means awe-inspiring but FaZe delivered when it mattered and were a bit unlucky to draw two of the top teams at the Six Invitational. What’s more, FaZe have either won or placed second in two Brasileirão 2021 stages and are easily the second-best team from the region.

Prediction: FaZe Clan to win

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