2020 NFL Houston Texans Season Analysis

On Thursday, Sep. 10, the Houston Texans hit the gridiron in the first game of the 2020-2021 NFL Season. The Texans battle defending champion Kansas City in a game that could determine how they fare throughout the regular season. Check out an analysis and free picks for Houston Texans’ total wins, their chances of winning the AFC South Division, and their chances of winning the AFC Championship. Let’s jump right into action so you can plan ahead your bets against their NFL odds.

Houston Texans Season Betting Analysis – Total Wins, Division & Conference Odds

NFL Houston Texans Season

  • When: Sep. 10 – Jan. 3

2020 NFL Houston Texans Season Odds

Texans Total Wins – 7 ½  

  • Over -130 / Under +100

 7 ½ is a low total for a team some believe can win the Super Bowl. Are the odds warranted? The Houston Texans have an absolutely ridiculous schedule. Kansas City, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Minnesota are their first four games.  There are some cupcakes on the schedule, though, including the Bengals, Bears, and Jaguars twice. If the Texans win those four games, they require just 4 more to go over.  Where will those 4 wins come from? Green Bay at home on Oct. 25, a split with Indianapolis, a victory over the Tennessee Titans on Jan. 3 at home are three. The other win could come at home versus the Vikings or Patriots, or at Cleveland on Nov. 15. It’s doable! Texans Total Pick:  Over

Texans AFC South Division Odds +350

An 8-8 record probably won’t cut it in the deep AFC South. The Tennessee Titans made it all the way to the AFC Championship last season. The Titans return a solid group of players, one that understands how to win football games.  Tennessee isn’t even the favorite in the division. The Indianapolis Colts are. The Colts upgraded the quarterback position by signing Philip Rivers. The former L.A. Charger has some football left. Not only that, but Indianapolis has one of the top offensive lines in the league.  The Colts also have a great defense. For the Texans to win the division, they must beat the Indianapolis Colts and the Tennessee Titans. It’s difficult to see that happening.

Texans AFC Championship Odds +3000

Houston’s odds to win the AFC Championship make them an underlay. Although they’re in the top half of all the teams in the AFC, the football squads ahead of them are much better than they are.  Houston’s biggest problem is finding help for Deshaun Watson. The defense is also old while Bill O’Brien has yet to prove he can coach his way to victories in the National Football League. Finally, the Kansas City Chiefs, Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers, and New England Patriots are all better than the Houston Texans. Unless you’re a true believer, stay away form backing the Texans to win the AFC.

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