Emmy Awards for Best Actor & Actress Comedy Series Odds Analysis

Last week, we analyzed and made choices for the best actor and best actress Emmy Awards in the drama category. This week, it’s all about talent performances in the top comedy series. Which actor, if any, can upset Ted Lasso star Jason Sudekis? Is Jean Smart a lock to win the best actress nod for Hackers? Check out top picks and best second picks to win the Emmy for best actor and best actress in a comedy series. Let’s get right to it so you can continue planning your bets against the Emmy Awards odds.

Odds Breakdown for the 2021 Best Actor and Best Actress Comedy Series Emmy Award

2021 Emmy Awards

  • When: Sep. 19, 2021
  • TV / Streaming: CBS / Paramount+

Best Lead Actor Comedy Series

It’s going to be close to impossible to beat Jason Sudekis. He’s been a great actor for years and everyone, we mean everyone, loves Ted Lasso. Sudekis will win. It’s not even close.

But even though Sudekis is a lock, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take a stab on a second pick. Michael Douglas is always a threat. However, The Kominsky Method is sort of an old school show that a lot of people haven’t seen. 

Same goes for William H. Macy. Shameless has been around for a long time. Macy is always great, it doesn’t matter the role. Actors like Douglas and Macy get nominated a lot. They don’t always win. 

Our second pick, then, comes down to Anthony Anderson in Black-ish or Kenan Thompson in Kenan. Anderson always has a shot. But Kenan is a unique show. 

Thompson is great as a single dad who has employed the help of his father-in-law to take care of his two daughters. Thompson deserves more recognition for his performance. He’s our second-choice. 

Top Emmy Pick: Jason Sudekis

Top Second Emmy Pick: Kenan Thompson  

Best Lead Actress Comedy Series

Smart looks unbeatable. Hacks is a great show and the former Sex in the City star is awesome as an over the hill Vegas act who hires a millennial to write jokes for her. But even though Smart probably will win, Kelly Cuoco is the top choice.

Cuoco shot to stardom in the Big Bang Theory. The Flight Attendant is a comedy / drama that allows Cuoco to run the gamut of emotions. She plays a functioning alcoholic who finds herself embroiled in a mystery after waking up in a Bangkok hotel next to her one night stand’s lifeless and bloodied body.

One of the best shows of the year, The Flight Attendant wouldn’t work in the hands of a less talented actress. Cuoco is literally in every scene.

Tracee Ellis Ross is always an award threat. Like Anthony Anderson, she’s brilliant in Black-ish. But Ross isn’t our second choice. Aidy Bryant is.

Bryant is terrific as the main character in Shrill, a show, according to IMDB, about a woman who tries to find ways of changing her life without changing her body. Like Cuoco, Bryant is almost in every scene. Like The Flight Attendant, the writing is sharp.

Aidy Bryant creates an unforgettable character and one that’s rare in television, making her the second choice to grab the Emmy.    

Top Emmy Pick: Kelly Cuoco 

Top Second Emmy Pick: Aidy Bryant  

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