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There are now just 3 races left on the Formula 1 season, and as you may have already heard, Lewis Hamilton has already racked up yet another world championship. Hamilton has been dominant for years now, but this season is perhaps his very best. He has now won 4 straight races and looks set to sweep the remaining 3, unless he slips up in one way or another, which seems very unlikely at this point. The last race came in Turkey a couple of weeks ago, with Hamilton getting the win ahead of Sergio Perez and Sebastian Vettel. This will be the first of back to back races in Bahrain, with the question now being whether anyone can challenge Hamilton for the top spot on the podium. Let’s take a closer look at the Formula 1 odds for the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Formula 1 Betting Analysis for the 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton

Last season, Hamilton won 11 races on his way to his 3rd consecutive world championship. That was over the course of a 20 race season, which makes what he has delivered this season all the more impressive. With his win in Turkey a couple of weeks ago, which was his 4th straight win this season, Hamilton now has 10 wins in just 14 races. The reality is that this has never really been a championship race, as no other driver has even come close to mounting and sort of serious challenge for the crown. At this point, it’s all about seeing just how dominant Hamilton can be. He won in Bahrain last season, so he looks like the favorite to repeat again this year.

Valterri Bottas

You never want to accuse a world class athlete of giving up, but it certainly looked as though Valtteri Bottas threw win the towel last week in Turkey. After a run that saw him pick up a win and a trio of 2nd place finishes, Bottas ran 14th in Turkey. The truth is that it must be difficult to get up for a race knowing that the championship has already been sealed. The hope, though, is that we see more out of Bottas this week, as he is one of the few drivers who can routinely give Hamilton a run for his money. Over the last 3 races in Bahrain, Bottas has a 3rd and a pair of 2nd place finishes.

Max Verstappen

Much like Bottas, Verstappen has been in the habit of running Hamilton close, but never really giving him any real problems. Speaking of problems, were it not for issues with his car in several races this season, Verstappen might well be higher up than his current 3rd place rank. He has been forced to retire in 4 different races this season, landing on the podium in all but 1 of the races that he did finish. The one time that he did miss the podium was in the last race in Turkey, where he landed 6th overall. He finished 4th in Bahrain last season and failed to finish in the 2 years prior to that.

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