2021 X-Games Odds Expert Analysis for Jan. 29th to 31st

The X-Games heads back to Buttermilk Ski Resort in Aspen, Colorado for the 2021 event. The X-Games, an annual display of snow powered athletic brilliance, takes place from Friday, January 29 through Sunday, January 31. Check out X-Games odds, analysis, and free picks for the twelve biggest competitions at the 2021 X-Games! 

Odds for This Weekend’s 2021 X-Games

  • When: Friday, Jan. 29 – Sunday, Jan. 31
  • Where: Buttermilk Ski Resort, Aspen, CO

Men’s Snowboarding Big Air

  • Max Parrot -170
  • Dusty Henrickson +250
  • Takeru Otsuka +400
  • Sven Thorgren +600
  • Renee Rinnekangas +600
  • Yuki Kodono +700
  • Marcus Kleveland +700

The chalk looks tough. But a couple of snowboarders could knock Parrot from the gold medal spot on the podium. Henrickson offer a ton of value. In some circles, he’s the favorite. Otsuka won gold in 2019. He’s the pick because if Takeru has rehabbed his knee, he’ll be tough to beat. 

X-Games Free Pick: Takeru Otsuka

Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle

  • Dusty Henrickson +125
  • Red Gerard +175
  • Mark McMorris +600
  • Mons Roisland +700
  • Staale Sandbech +700
  • Sven Thorgren +700
  • Marcus Kleveland +800
  • Renee Rinnekangas +800
  • Max Parrot +1000
  • Sebastien Toutant +1000

Henrickson is the next great slope snowboarder. He no doubt should offer favorite’s odds. However, Gerard is the number one ranked slope snowboarder in the world. The big question is whether it’s wise to go with the next great snowboarder or the current great snowboarder. It makes some sense to side with Red Gerard due to the +50 odds difference.  

X-Games Free Pick: Red Gerard

Men’s Snowboard SuperPipe

  • Scotty James -250
  • Yuto Totsuka +300
  • Ruka Hirano +450
  • Jan Scherrer +450
  • Shaun White +600
  • Taylor Gold +900
  • Toby Miller +1000
  • Danny Davis +1200

The only blemish on Scotty James’ record the past few years is a bronze at the 2018 Winter Olympics. The man has dominated super pipe events all over the world. He should easily take gold this weekend. 

X-Games Free Pick: Scotty James

Women’s Snowboard Big Air                                                  

  • Miyabi Onitsuka +125
  • Anna Gasser +250
  • Reira Iwabuchi +250
  • Kokomo Murase +350
  • Laurie Blouin +700
  • Zoi Sadowski-Synott +700
  • Julia Marino +800
  • Jamie Anderson +1000

This is a deep event. So much so that you may be able to throw a dart and back where it lands. Onitsuka offers underlay odds. Unless the odds drift, she’s difficult to back. Anderson offers overlay odds.  The pick, though, is Laurie Blouin who won gold in 2019. She could repeat that feat this year and the odds are sweet.

X-Games Free Pick: Laurie Blouin 

Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle                            

  • Jamie Anderson -170
  • Julia Marino +175
  • Laurie Blouin +200
  • Hailey Langland +1000
  • Anna Gasser +1200
  • Kokomo Murase +1200
  • Zoi Sadowski-Synott +1200
  • Reira Iwabuchi +1500

Anderson goes from a +1000 underdog to win Big Air to a -170 favorite to win the Slopestyle. She’s a deserving favorite. Blouin will give her a run for gold. But the 2018 and 2020 chalk winner looks difficult to beat. 

X-Games Free Pick: Jamie Anderson  

Women’s Snowboard SuperPipe                                           

  • Chloe Kim -170
  • Queralt Castellet +200
  • Maddie Mastro +400
  • Ruki Tomita +600
  • Kurumi Imai +700
  • Haruna Matsumoto +700
  • Brooke D’Hondt +1000
  • Sonora Alba +1200

Kim should win. She took a year off to attend Princeton, though. Who knows if that affected her in some way. We’re taking a shot on Queralt Castellet. If Queralt gets gold, becomes the world’s new number one.

X-Games Free Pick: Queralt Castellet

Men’s Ski Big Air                                           

  • Birk Ruud +150
  • Antoine Adelisse +175
  • Henrik Harlaut +250
  • Andri Ragettli +600
  • Alex Hall +800
  • Evan McEachran +800
  • Quinn Wolferman +800
  • James Woods +800

Harlaut won the 2020 gold medal. He’s well-positioned to fly under the radar here because Ruud and Adelisse will grab most of the attention. If Henrik is back to his usual awesome self, he could reward his backers at a nice +250. A good underdog play is Andri Ragettli. Consider him if the top three odds choices don’t impress.

X-Games Free Pick: Henrik Harlaut 

Men’s Ski Slopestyle                                    

  • Andri Ragettli +250
  • Ferdinand Dahl +400
  • Nick Goepper +400
  • Colby Stevenson +400
  • Evan McEachran +500
  • Birk Ruud +500
  • Alex Hall +600
  • Henrik Harlaut +600
  • Fabian Boesch +700
  • Alex Beaulieu-Marchand +800

Ragettli should probably win this event. But Colby Stevenson won it in 2020 and figures to put in another terrific run. But the odds difference between Ragettli and Stevenson, +150, isn’t enough to talk us off the chalk. It’s tough to repeat at the X-Games. Stevenson probably won’t.

X-Games Free Pick: Andri Ragettli

Men’s Ski SuperPipe                                    

  • Alex Ferreira +175
  • David Wise +200
  • Aaron Blunck +250
  • Nico Porteous +350
  • Birk Irving +600
  • Beau-James Wells +600
  • Noah Bowman +700
  • Gus Kenworthy +1000

Most agree that if Nico Porteous, David Wise, or Aaron Blunck wants to beat Alex Ferreira, he’d have to flub his landing. That’s how dominant Ferreira has been. He won silver in 2018 and gold the past two years. Ferreira may offer overlay odds at +175.

X-Games Free Pick: Alex Ferreira

Women’s Ski Big Air                                                   

  • Tess Leduex +175
  • Guilia Tanno +200
  • Kelly Sildaru +250
  • Mathilde Gremaud +400
  • Sarah Hoefflin +500
  • Megan Oldham +600
  • Isabel Atkin +700
  • Maggie Voisin +700

Tanno is ranked first in the world. That’s why her odds are at +200. Ledeux has a reputation for coming up huge in big events like the X-Games. Both Sildaru and Gremaud offer potential. If we discount the chalk, we can look to back either Gremaud or Sildaru. Which woman is the better play? Mathilde has almost as much of a shot of winning gold as Kelly. Gremaud is the pick.

X-Games Free Pick: Mathilde Gremaud 

Women’s Ski Slopestyle                                                           

  • Kelly Sildaru +200
  • Johanne Killi +300
  • Tess Ledeux +300
  • Eileen Gu +350
  • Maggie Voisin +400
  • Mathilde Gremaud +600
  • Sarah Hoefflin +600
  • Caroline Claire +800
  • Guilia Tanno +1000

This is a toss-up among Kelly Dildaru, Johanne Killi, Tess Ledeaux, and Eileen Gu. Heck, why not throw Maggie Voisin in there as well? What skier takes gold in the Slopestyle? Because the odds are so close together, sticking with the chalk may be the way to go. 

X-Games Free Pick: Kelly Sildaru 

Women’s Ski Super Pipe                             

  • Kelly Sildaru +150
  • Rachael Karker +200
  • Cassie Sharpe +250
  • Eileen Gu +600
  • Devin Logan +600
  • Brita Sigourney +600
  • Zoe Atkin +700
  • Valeriya Demidova +700

Kelly Sildaru turns 19 on February 17. She’s won 9 X-Games gold medals. That’s amazing. What’s really amazing is that she offers +150 odds. That’s Novak Djokovic-like. Sure, Djoker doesn’t always win the major tennis tournaments and Kelly doesn’t always take gold. But in this field, she’s a stand out.  

X-Games Free Pick:  Kelly Sildaru

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