2022 Formula 1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix Betting Analysis & Prediction

All of us who regularly watch and wager on sports know that it is a bad idea to declare anything a lock or assume that one individual or team will beat another. There are so many different factors that can occur to upset the apple cart, that assuming you know what will happen looks foolish at best. That said, we all assumed that the 2022 Formula 1 season would once again see Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton battle it out for top spot. Yes, we are only 1 week into the season, but the early signs suggest that a shift might be coming in F1. The result of the opening race in Bahrain was a surprise, but the question now is whether this is what we should expect for the whole season, or if it was nothing more than a minor blip on the radar. We might get some answers this weekend when F1 rolls into Saudi Arabia for the second race of the season. Let’s take a look at the latest Formula 1 Odds for the 2022 Saudi Arabia Grand Prix.

Formula 1 Betting Analysis for 2022 Saudi Arabian GP Race

Charles Leclerc (+140)

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, we have someone other than Verstappen or Hamilton in as the favorite to win for the first time in what seems like forever. Back in 2019, Leclerc had a breakout year in just his second season in F1, finishing 4th overall in the driver standings. He failed to carry that momentum over into the next couple of seasons, but at just 24 years of age, it now looks as though he is ready to take that next step. He came out on top in Bahrain in the opening race of the season, and the bookies seem to believe that this was no fluke. Are you rolling with the favorite or taking Verstappen or Hamilton at odds that might seem too good to be true?

Max Verstappen (+150)

It was not the ideal start to the season for the defending champion, with Verstappen failing to finish in Bahrain. Given that he completed most of the race, he was still classified as 19th, but it also meant that he failed to pick up any points. That is absolutely huge when you consider how valuable points are in a tight championship race like we had last season. It does seem highly unlikely that we will see a repeat of that performance this weekend, although stranger things have happened. Verstappen finished 2nd in Saudi Arabia last year, so there is reason to believe that he will be in the hunt on Sunday.

The Rest of the Pack

The one thing that jumps right off the page when you look at the current odds is that Lewis Hamilton is currently listed at +1000. Hamilton finished 3rd in the opening race of the season and was the winner of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in 2021. Those odds seem like a total steal, and I would certainly be willing to throw a few bucks at him. Another driver to consider here is Carlos Sainz (+700), who opened the season with an impressive 2nd place finish.



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