NFL 2021 San Francisco 49ers Betting Options Analysis

It’s not often that a team that went 6-10 the season before shows up as a favorite to win the Super Bowl. The San Francisco 49ers are such a team. Even though the Niners lost 10 games last season, oddsmakers and NFL handicappers have bet the 49ers down to third choice to win the Lombardi Trophy. Are the Super Bowl odds on SF overlaid or underlaid? What about the NFL odds on other 49ers’ future options? Keep reading for our San Francisco 49ers odds analysis.  

San Francisco 49ers 2021 Season Options to Bet On

2021 NFL Season

  • When: Sep. 9, 2021 – Jan. 9, 2022

49ers to Win Super Bowl 56  +1200

If everyone remains healthy, San Francisco should be on of the few teams with a shot to win the Super Bowl. Based on last season, though, the odds of that happening aren’t great. More importantly, SF plays in the strongest division in football, one that includes the Rams, Seahawks, and Cardinals.

San Francisco should make the playoffs. Even then, they’ll be hard-pressed to get by teams like the Packers, Buccaneers, and the division rival Rams. Can San Francisco win the Super Bowl? Yes. Do the 49ers offer fair odds to win the Super Bowl? No. 

49ers Super Bowl 56 Odds: Underlay 

49ers NFC Championship +450

The team that wins this season’s NFC Championship must earn it. The San Francisco 49ers have a shot to head to their second Super Bowl in the past three seasons. 

To do so, SF must stay healthy and beat their division and conference rivals. That’s a tall task. The problem with the NFC this season, like it has been, is that the conference is much deeper than the AFC. Few NFC squads are worth backing to win the conference at odds of less than +850, including the 49ers. 

49ers NFC Championship Odds: Underlay 

49ers Worst Regular Season Record +8000

We won’t say the odds are overlaid because San Francisco should win at least 10 games. Then again, the Niners won just 6 in 2020, and before the season started, San Francisco was the second choice to win the Super Bowl. 

Things could fall apart in SF. If Jimmy Garoppolo misses action, the offensive line deteriorates, and the defense just isn’t as good as advertised, the 49ers could end up with the worst record in football. 

We’re not saying it happens. We’re just saying if you believe things go south starting in the regular season’s first week, want to take a stab on the worst record and you hate San Francisco, +8000 are fair odds.

49ers Worst Regular Season Record Odds: Fair

49ers NFC West Division +180

We didn’t like SF when they were at +180 and the Rams were on the sportsbook at +200. But now, both teams offer +180 to win the division. Those aren’t overlay odds on San Francisco or the Rams. They are fair odds, though, because neither the Arizona Cardinals nor the Seattle Seahawks should beat either for the NFC West title. 

49ersNFC South Division Odds: Fair 

Kyle Shanahan Coach of the Year +1800

Kyle Shanahan’s squad must navigate a tough division schedule. Not only that, but San Francisco’s head coach must also decide on his starting quarterback and, possibly, win this season with rookie Trey Lance under center. 

Shanahan faces challenges this season. If the 49ers do end up with the best record in the NFC, Shanny should win the trophy. The odds aren’t overlaid. They are fair. 

Kyle Shanahan Coach of the Year Odds: Fair

Jimmy Garoppolo NFL MVP +8000

Although nobody seems to believe him, Kyle Shanahan said months ago that Jimmy Garoppolo is the starter and Trey Lance is the backup. For some reason, Lance is a short-price to win rookie of the year.

Here’s the thing. If Jimmy G. doesn’t get hurt and ends up throwing for over 4,000 yards and over 30 TDs while leading the Niners to the best record in the NFC, not exactly out of the question, he will win NFL MVP. So the +8000 are overlay odds.  

Jimmy Garoppolo NFL MVP: Overlay   

San Francisco 49ers Regular Season Wins

San Francisco has a tough division schedule, yes, but the outside schedule is weak. The Niners play Houston, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Detroit and Chicago. SF should beat all 7 of those teams, which means the worst San Francisco will do this season, if they lose every division game, is 7-10.

We know SF should beat the Cardinals and Seahawks each at least once. So that’s 9 wins. The 49ers play Green Bay, Indianapolis, and Minnesota at home. They must win 2 of those 3 games to reach 11. Don’t be surprised if San Francisco wins 12 games this season. 

49ers Regular Season Wins Pick: Over 10 -155

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