NFL Super Bowl LVI Betting Odds Shifts After Week 10

If you routinely wager on the winner of the Super Bowl, you probably fall into one of two groups. There are those who put their money on a team before the season begins, while others wait to see how those odds will change throughout the season. Those who wait are well aware that they run the risk of getting lesser odds if they wait. With that in mind, we thought it might be a good idea to take a look at the current odds to win the Super Bowl compared to what they were prior to the start of the season. What we are specifically looking at here are the biggest Super Bowl odds shifts in both directions. Which teams have gone from dark horse to favorite, and which have fallen out of favor with the bookies? Let’s get into it and see.

Updated NFL Biggest Shifts in Odds to Win Super Bowl

Teams Heading in the Right Direction

Let’s start out by taking a look at a few teams who have seen their odds shorten after an impressive first half of the season.

  • New England Patriots – +4000 to +1800

It is going to be interesting to see how much further this shift will go in the coming weeks. The Patriots are the talk of the NFL right now after winning each of their last 4 games, thanks in large part to the heroics of rookie QB Mac Jones. The young man is certainly getting more comfortable as the season progresses, but can he maintain this level of play all the way to the finish?

  • Tennessee Titans – +2800 to +900

After a lopsided start to the season, it looked as though the Tennessee Titans might be in trouble after losing Derrick Henry for the year. They have not broken stride at all now and are on a run that has seen them win 6 in a row to get to 8-2. They can all but secure the division with a win over Indianapolis in Week 11, but will the absence of Henry catch up to them?

  • Dallas Cowboys – +2800 to +1000

After a few rough seasons, the Dallas Cowboys look to be firing on all cylinders this season. They are 7-2 on the season and in total control of the NFC East. It would need to be a total collapse from them in the second half to miss out on the playoffs.

Teams Heading in the Wrong Direction

There are a few teams that have not lived up to preseason expectations, so let’s now take a look at them.

  • New Orleans Saints – +1800 to +5000

It was always going to be tough on the Saints heading into life without Drew Brees, but it has perhaps gone worse than expected. The Saints are above .500 at 5-4, but they have not been entirely convincing this season.

  • San Francisco 49ers – +1400 to +8000

The 49ers are coming off a huge win over the LA Rams in primetime in Week 10, but that is a small victory in what has been a disappointing season. The 49ers are sitting at 4-5 and in real danger of not getting near the playoffs.

  • Seattle Seahawks – +2000 to +12500

You don’t like to write off a team with half the season still to come, but the Seahawks have gone from playoff contender to out of it in no time at all, winning just 3 games to this point.



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