NHL Playoffs Betting Predictions for the Approaching 2022 Postseason

There are still games to be played in the NHL regular season and playoff matchups still to be decided, but it’s impossible not to look ahead at what might come once the postseason does get underway. There are a few clear favorites at this stage of the season, but also a team or two that might be ready to cause an upset once the race for the Stanley Cup begins. Given that we don’t yet know the final matchups for the opening round, it is tough to make NHL Playoffs Betting predictions, but let’s look at how things might play out if the playoffs started today.

Hockey Betting Predictions for the 2022 Postseason | NHL Playoffs Betting

Eastern Conference Betting Predictions for Postseason

While not yet official, it does look as though the Florida Panthers are on the brink of clinching the #1 seed in the East. As it stands now, the Panthers would face the Washington Capitals and we could certainly expect a close series given that the last 5 meetings have all been decided by a single goal. The Panthers have taken 2 of 3 from Washington this season, so look for them to move on in 6.

The Toronto Maple Leafs would face a divisional opponent in the Tampa Bay Lightning, who are also the defending champions. It is the Leafs who have all the momentum right now, and while this would be a great series, I would take Toronto in 7.

I think we are looking at a clearer cut outcome if the matchup between the Carolina Hurricanes and Boston Bruins comes to pass. The Hurricanes have won all 3 regular season meetings versus the Bruins, outscoring them 16-1 in the process. I would take Carolina to win this series in 5.

We would have another divisional matchup if the playoffs started now, with the New York Rangers and Pittsburgh Penguins squaring off. The Rangers have taken 3 of 4 from the Penguins this season and would be a good bet to win in 6.

Western Conference Betting Predictions: 2022 Playoffs

Over in the West is where we find the current favorites to win the Stanley Cup. That would be the Colorado Avalanche, who would open against the Dallas Stars if the playoffs started today. The Avs lead the regular season series 3-2, so this might be closer than some expect. Still, I like Colorado to move on in 6 games.

They have only met once this season, but going back to last season, the Nashville Predators have taken 3 on a row from the Calgary Flames. These two actually meet up on Tuesday night this week, so that might be one to watch as a potential Round 1 preview. A tough one for the Flames, but I think they would go through in 7 games.

We would have a Pacific Division matchup if the playoffs started today, with the Edmonton Oilers and LA Kings squaring off. I see the Oilers as a potential dark horse this season and given that they have taken 3 of 4 from the Kings, including wins in the last 3 meetings, I’d see the Oilers moving on in 5 games.

This is the time of year to get hot, which is exactly what the St. Louis Blues are doing. They have won 9 in a row at time of writing and would open up their playoff run against the Minnesota Wild, who they have beaten in 4 of 5 meetings this season. The Blues in 5 looks like the bet here.



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