Top NFL PrimeTime Matches to Wager On The 2021 Season

We all have our favorite NFL team and watch them every single week. That said, we all also check the primetime schedule to see which games are considered a must watch and wager on. The NFL schedule has been out for a while now and I already have the games that I want to watch circled on the calendar. You guys may have a different set of games that catch your eye, but here are a few that have me excited ahead of the new season. Let’s jump right into action so you can plan your bets against the NFL odds.

Top PrimeTime NFL Betting Games for the 2021 Season

Week 1 – Sunday Night – Tampa Bay Buccaneers Vs Dallas Cowboys

This will almost certainly have a huge audience, as we have the defending Super Bowl champions opening their season against America’s team. Will the champs start rolling again or are the Cowboys on the bounce back trail?

Week 2 – Sunday Night – Kansas City Chiefs Vs Baltimore Ravens

Could we be looking at a potential AFC Championship Game preview in just the second week of the season? Even if that’s not the case, this is still a great matchup.

Week 4 – Sunday Night – Tampa Bay Buccaneers Vs New England Patriots

Tom Brady returns to Foxboro. What more could you possibly ask for, other than an exciting game, of course?

Week 5 – Sunday Night – Buffalo Bills Vs Kansas City Chiefs

Wait a minute, didn’t we already have the potential AFC Championship Game preview? How about another one?

Week 6 – Sunday Night – Seattle Seahawks Vs Pittsburgh Steelers

With an extra week added to the schedule, the NFL came up with matchups that we don’t regularly see. How about a rematch of Super Bowl 40?

Week 8 – Thursday Night – Green Bay Packers Vs Arizona Cardinals

Now we know that Aaron Rodgers is coming back, it’s time to get excited again. This looks like a tough game for the Packers against a potential dark horse.

Week 10 – Monday Night – LA Rams Vs San Francisco 49ers

Matthew Stafford under center for the Rams and a potential bounce back year for the 49ers makes this a matchup worth watching.

Week 12 – Thursday Night – Buffalo Bills Vs New Orleans Saints

Thanksgiving Day turns into night and a fabulous game on tap, with the Bills heading to the Big Easy to face the Saints minus Drew Brees.

Week 14 – Thursday Night – Pittsburgh Steelers Vs Minnesota Vikings

These two could well be battling for their playoff lives at this late stage of the season, which should make this one an interesting game to keep an eye on.

Week 15 – Sunday Night – New Orleans Saints Vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

It’s tough to know what to expect from the Saints now that Drew Brees has retired, but the feeling is that these two teams will be battling it out for top spot in the NFC South.

Week 16 – Sunday Night – Washington Football Team Vs Dallas Cowboys

It’s always a good matchup between these divisional rivals, but this one could well be very important in deciding who wins the NFC East.

Keep an eye open for what the Week 18 games are going to be, as those have yet to be determined. You can bet, though, that there will likely be playoff implications in those primetime games.

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