UEFA Europa League Betting Analysis: Eintracht Frankfurt Odds to Win the 2022 Title

Bundesliga squad Frankfurt will enter the Europa League Finals a solid favorite to beat Scottish Premiership team Glasgow Rangers. During this season’s Europa League, Frankfurt has proven that it can take on a top team like Barcelona and come out ahead. So there’s no doubt that Frankfurt should offer favorite’s odds. But is Frankfurt a good bet to win the 2022 Europa League title match? Check out UEFA Europa League Odds on the Bundesliga squad as well as an odds analysis. 

Eintracht Frankfurt Odds to Win the 2022 UEFA Europa League Title

2022 UEFA Europa League Title Match

  • When: Saturday, May 18 at 12:00 pm ET
  • Where: Ramon Sanchez-Pizjuan, Sevilla, Spain 
  • TV / Streaming: CBS / Paramount +

UEFA Champions Finals Eintracht Frankfurt Odds to Win

Eintracht Frankfurt handicap odds analysis

Frankfurt’s handicap odds puts the German League squad at a disadvantage. At -½, Frankfurt can’t afford a draw. 

If the odds were Frankfurt -¼, you’d lose half your wager if you backed Frankfurt and the Bundesliga squad drew versus Glasgow. But at -½, Frankfurt must win. If Frankfurt and the Rangers draw, Frankfurt backers lose.

If you like Frankfurt to win the match outright, don’t bet them on the handicap. The moneyline odds are higher than the handicap odds while there isn’t much advantage to backing the chalk at -½. Frankfurt’s handicap is a pass.  

Eintracht Frankfurt Handicap Odds – Play or Pass: Pass  

Eintracht Frankfurt moneyline odds analysis

The moneyline odds depend on how you feel about a) Frankfurt’s Europa League form and b) Frankfurt’s German Bundesliga form. 

First, let’s study Frankfurt’s Europa League form. During the knockout stage, Frankfurt beat Betis 3-2 on the aggregate, the chalk in this beat Barcelona 4-3 on the aggregate, and Frankfurt beat West Ham United 3-1 on the aggregate.

The victories over Betis and West Ham United were nice. The win against Barcelona was downright impressive. 

Barca appeared to be back on track. Based on how thoroughly Frankfurt handled the LaLiga squad, either that wasn’t the case, or the Bundesliga team is that much better. But although Frankfurt played well during the Europa League’s knockout round, Frankfurt has played just as poorly in their Bundesliga matches.  

On April 23, Frankfurt drew 2-2 versus TSG Hoffenheim even though the match happened on their pitch. In their next Bundesliga match, on May 2, Frankfurt fell by 2 goals, 0-2 to rival Leverkusen. 

Then in their last Bundesliga contest, the best the Europa League finalist could do versus Monchengladbach is draw 1-1. So the big question isn’t whether Frankfurt can beat the Glasgow Rangers, they can, but which Frankfurt squad shows up in the final. 

Frankfurt is currently twelfth in the Bundesliga. They’ve had such a bad season in their home league that they’re behind squads like Bochum, Mainz, Hoffenheim, and Cologne. 

If the Bundesliga form catches up to Frankfurt in the Europa League Finals, the Rangers will roll. If you don’t believe the German League form catches up to Frankfurt in the Europa League final, back the chalk at the odds. 

The odds are fair for sure. But if you think Frankfurt finally shows the form that led to 41 points so far in their home league, 35 points behind Bundesliga champion Bayern Munich, then pass.   

Eintracht Frankfurt ML Odds – Play or Pass: Play if you like Frankfurt



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