NBA Playoffs Betting Tips for the 2022 Postseason

As the postseason draws near, everyone is getting excited for postseason basketball. There tends to be much more excitement and energy surrounding NBA playoff games.

When it comes to betting, much more money is wagered on postseason games than during the regular season. Here are a few things to remember when getting ready to make your postseason bets. Hopefully, these tips can help you to earn a few extra bucks so you can start planning your bets against the NBA Playoffs Odds!

NBA Betting Tips Heading Into The Postseason

Know the Officiating Crew

Believe it or not, NBA officiating crews can have a huge impact on the game. Some officials call the game very closely, while others let the games get much more physical, especially in the playoffs. It’s worth taking a look at the officiating crew for each game prior to making a bet, especially a large one.

For example, Scott Foster is one of the most well-known officials in the NBA. Unfortunately, he’s known more for bad things than for good.

Unlike many officials who tend to side with the home crowd, Foster is infamous for favoring the visiting team. This is just something to consider prior to placing a wager.

If you dig deep enough, you can find the tendencies of many of the league’s top officials. It’s worth doing your research.

Who’s the Most Well-Rested?

When teams have to play a full series and have a very little break in between the start of the next series, it can play a part in how that team plays. Teams that finish their series quickly and have a nice break to rest up tend to have the advantage over the teams that have had to play six or seven games in their series. 

When getting ready to bet on a second-round series, it’s worth taking a look at how well the higher seed did in the first round. If the top seed swept the #8 seed while the #4 vs. #5 series went the full seven games, we would take the top seed in Game 1 every time. 

Teams that have a deeper bench are always better suited for the playoff grind. If a team is consistently only playing seven or eight players go up against one that can go ten deep, we like the team playing 10’s chances.

If a team played their starters a ton of minutes throughout the regular season, they may be worn out for the playoffs, so this is something to consider as well. 

Do Your Research

There are lots of little things that you can find when you do some research. For example, if a team is a home underdog by ten or more points, they win against the spread almost 60% of the time. 

Another piece of information that we found states that teams who are favored on the road after losing by 15 points or more in their last game cover the spread nearly 65% of the time.

If you keep up with some of the betting trends online, you can find some very useful information that will help you make more informed betting decisions.



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